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Things to see and do SEE AND DO GUJARAT

“Patola Silk weaving is practiced across Gujarat from the beginning of time,” enthuses Kashka Lantis, Gujarat expert at our small-group vacation experts Exodus Travels. “It’s extremely specific to Gujarat and we have a visit to the award-winning, family-run museum. Living culture is extremely important and it’s great to help preserve this heritage.”

The secrets of the double-woven, prized sarisare guarded tradition handed down to children of three families from Gujarat. Every strand of silk each one dyed individually, is weaved by hand on an old-fashioned loom using the precision that only be achieved through a craft that has been developed and appreciated by the 35 generations in the family. Thus, the sari itself can take as long as a year to weave. For Kashka Lantis it is one of the many reasons Gujarat is able to compete with its most popular neighbor, Rajasthan.