revenantad Travel 7 Days In Italy Itinerary: Travel Guide for Beginners

7 Days In Italy Itinerary: Travel Guide for Beginners

Italy is one of the more frequented nation in Europe and with good reason! If you’re your first visit to Italy be prepared to have an unforgettable trip. It’s recommended to study some itineraries instead of jumping into with no preparations. Take a look at our seven-day Italy itinerary for newbies!

Days 1-2: Rome

hidden gems in rome

Let’s start with a solid start! Rome is the center of the historic and cultural backdrop of Italy. With entertainment, art and an unreal importance to the development of Italy, it is an essential city to visit for anyone who is a first-time visitor.

Explore historic sites such as The Colosseum, Pantheon, and the Roman Forum.

If you’re in the region it is imperative to visit Vatican City! Visit Vatican City’s St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, and enjoy the surrounding of the Pope’s permanent residence. Also, make sure to visit the Vatican Palace, to enjoy the most stunning museum and art collection.

When you’re done exploring, make use of the facilities offered through the Italy Railway to travel to the city No. 2!

Days 3-4: Florence

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Although not as large in size as Rome, Florence is still impressive and important! This is why it can take you several days to go through the most significant items and places.

It is possible to begin by visiting The Piazza Duomo. While walking around through the square, take in all the Renaissance work from Donatello, Giotto, and Michelangelo as well as the baptismal church and the bell tower, the magnificent Cathedral in Santa Maria del Fiore, and the museum. Explore Florence will be like stepping into a time that took you back into the fifteenth century, and let you explore the more of Italy’s stunning beauty.

Day 2: We recommend taking a excursion for a day trip to Cinque Terre, a coastal region in northern Italy. You can visit the five villages in the region, taste some of the famed Cinque Terre wine, and enjoy a relaxing time in the Riviera.

Day 5: Venice

It is a great place to visit on a tight budget.

It is essential to follow one rule when you want to travel to Venice One day is sufficient! Venice is gorgeous, beautiful and fascinating; however, you must be aware that a full day in this city can be sufficient time to understand the basics. And for someone who is a newcomer it could suffice!

It is a must to visit St. Mark’s Basilica, Doges Palace, or St. Mark’s Square. There aren’t many major tourist attractions in Venice but the few truly amazing. Also, don’t overlook these mundane but enjoyable things like eating gelato in St. Mark’s Square or exploring the city from the canals, and cruising on the Gondola.

If you choose to skip Florence then you can hop onto the Rome to Venice train for a relaxing ride!

Day 6: Verona

The beautiful city of two lovers who have crossed paths is a great excursion for a day as your trip is about to come to an close. Yes, Verona is most well-known as the location for the two plays Two Gentlemen of Verona and Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespear, but there are many more things to see!

You can enjoy performances in Verona’s Arena di Verona that dates to the 30th century A.D. or ride the Funicular Castel San Pietro for the most stunning views.

In reality, just strolling around in the city can experience the power of it all the time!

Day 7: Milan

milan duomo square

To conclude the show Let’s go to Milan! Do not think of it solely as the fashion capital of the world! It certainly is, but don’t overlook the museums, cathedrals, and sprawling, lavish squares. Make sure to check out the Sforza Castle, which is an iconic landmark of Milan. Take a stroll around the vegetation of Parco Sempione to see the natural aspect of Milan. Also, visit the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci. Milan isn’t an enormous city, but it’s nonetheless stunning!

Wait no more! Purchase the tickets, pack the bags and then head out on an amazing Italian adventure!